I studied in University of Ybl Miklós Budapest and HTWK Lipcse. After getting the masters degree I gained experience in bigger architect offices, like Axis, Bánáti Hartvig and Atlant. Afterwards I worked as a technical controller in Hungarian and Austrian projects. Currently I work together with Dora Vermes on interior architectural projects besides my own work. I am responsible for space surveys, technical controlling and designer project management.

As an architect, I consider the quality of the built environment to be important, so I strive to ensure that the buildings I design always represent high architectural quality. I consider it very important that the plans, and thus the buildings realized, are in full harmony with the demands expressed by the customer, as well as with the technical and formal requirements. The harmonious relationship between the exterior and interior spaces and their design based on rational principles all contribute to the creation of a quality living space. This is one of the reasons why I work in close cooperation with interior designers and contractors. I supervise the construction of the house after the completion of the plans and its development over time, keeping in touch with the owners.

In every case, my goal is to design a home for the client, together with the client, that fully satisfies the imagined needs, is logical and easy to use, and that the people who live there like and feel good about.

Balogh Attila Zsombor

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