Frequently Asked Questions

If you would like to create harmony in your property, if you like tailor-made solutions, if you are uncertain about the style and you cannot decide. Should you wish to order good-quality products from reliable distributors and you wish to get know innovative solutions and materials, do not hesitate to contact us.

Mood boards, furniture boards, photorealistic 3D visuals, list of products and distributors and technical drawing package are included.

Demolation-construction plan, engeneering outlet drawings, tiling plans, electric outlet drawings, suspended ceiling plans, main elevations, tailor-made furniture plans, detailed drawings if necessary are included.

The package starts from 18 000 Ft / square metre.

Yes, it is possible to stop the design process after the stage of 3D visualization. In this case technical drawings are not included in the package.

Although the focus of the architectural design process is on creating a unified interior, it still happens that a few rooms are not necessary to design (for example storage room, garage…).

Interior design is a branch closely related to architecture, so it is ideal to hire an interior designer even before a newly built house is approved. . 

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