Interior Architecture

configuring spaces by designing bespoke furniture, creating exclusive and unique homes with the help of different modern techniques

Interior Design

configuring spaces with less constructional changes, establishing your home by your needs


you can get the answers to all your questions, we are at your service regarding your property or regarding a property you are thinking of buying

Home Staging

updating the flat with the help of some new pieces of furniture and accessories in order to rent out the apartment or to sell the property more easily and within a shorter time period

About Us

I am Dora Vermes interior designer. I studied designing in KLC School of Design London and in Junior Art Center Budapest. I lived in England and in The US as well, that is why international design trends appear in my work. No matter the style, I like using pure colours and forms in my designs. This explains the company name: Pure Creative Designs. I work as a freelancer for 3 years. I cooperate with architects and 3D visual artists in order to get the best quality work created in the most efficient way. Besides individual projects, I work for architect firms time to time and I had the pleasure to work for an interior design company in New Delhi for 2 weeks.

My main cooperative partners are:

  • Attila Balogh – architect and construction supervisor
  • Bálint Gódor – 3D visual artist
vermes dora

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When to hire a designer?

If you wish to have harmony in the whole property, if you would like to have tailor-made solutions and furniture, if you like more styles and you cannot decide among them, if you want to order from distributors that are professional, reliable and sell good quality products (that were selected and tested by the designer), if you are open to innovative and unique materials.

  • What does the interior architecture documentation include?

Mood boards and furniture boards, 3D visuals, the list of materials and furniture that were applied on the visuals, the implementation plans (technical drawings).

  • What does the technical drawing package consist of?

It consists of the construction and demolition plan, coating plans, the lighting plan, the suspended ceiling plan, the layout plan, sections and elevations of the tailor-made furniture and other solutions.

  • What is the estimated price for an interior architecture documentation?

The design fee for a property that is between 50-120 square meter, is around 8 500-10 000 Ft / sqm.

  • Is it possible to only ask for 3D visuals?

It happens that the client asks for the 3D plans without the technical drawing package. In this case the design package consists of the following: layout plans, mood boards, furniture boards, the list of the materials and furniture that were applied on the visuals and the visuals. The estimated price for the package is 5 500- 6 500 Ft / square meter.

  • Is it possible to only ask for certain rooms to be designed?

Although, the essence of interior architecture is to create a space that has a united design and that the separate rooms are in harmony with each other, it can happen that there is no time or budget to design the whole property at once. In this case it is possible to ask for the design of the selected rooms only.

  • When is it worth to involve an interior designer in the case of a new-built?

As interior architecture and architecture are closely related to each other, the most ideal time to search for an interior architect is before the architectural plans were authorized. Like this both designers can cooperate and work on the spatial plans together in order to create the best solution for the client.

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